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Face Duration Price (w/GST)
Specialised Care    
Essential Touch 60-min S$192.60
Chrono White 75-min S$214.00
Vera Cure 75-min S$214.00
Skin Detox 75-min S$214.00
Oligo Radiance 75-min S$214.00
Active Pore Control 75-min S$214.00
Caviar 90-min S$513.60
Vitamin C 90-min S$513.60
Thalasso 90-min S$513.60
Hyaluronic Bubble Infusion 90-min S$642.00
Aromatic Shiatsu 75-min S$214.00
Golden Topaz 75-min S$267.50
Rose Quartz 75-min S$267.50
3D Facsio 90-min S$513.60
Photo Rejuvenation 60-min S$513.60
Skin Tightening 75-min S$299.60
Cell Energizing 75-min S$406.60
Derma Touch 75-min S$406.60
Carbon Peel 75-min S$406.60
Derma Lift 75-min S$406.60
Derma Pure 75-min S$406.60
Add-on Treatment
Ear Candling Therapy 30-min S$85.60
Intensive Eye Renew 40-min S$128.40
Décolleté Rejuvenation 40-min S$160.50
Micro Eye Lift 60-min S$192.60
Foot Spa    
Foot Reflexology
Foot Massage 30-min S$64.20
Foot Massage 45-min S$85.60
Foot Massage 60-min S$107.00
Foot Ritual 60-min S$128.40
Mum Care    
Pre-Natal 60-min S$267.50
Post Natal 60-min S$267.50
Spa Ritual
Chimu Body Harmoniser 75-min S$267.50
Matcha Infusion 75-min S$267.50
Drenaje Linfáctico 90-min S$267.50
Dead Sea Revival 60-min S$214.00
Imperial Yao Ritual 90-min S$513.60
Five Elements Wellness 90-min S$513.60
Body Duration Price (w/GST)
Classic Massage    
Pre-Natal 60-min S$214.00
Post-Natal 60-min S$214.00
Tui Na 60-min S$192.60
Tui Na 90-min S$288.90
Shiatsu 60-min S$192.60
Shiatsu 90-min S$288.90
Thai 60-min S$192.60
Thai 90-min S$288.90
Aromatic 60-min S$192.60
Aromatic 90-min S$288.90
Swedish 60-min S$192.60
Swedish 90-min S$288.90
Signature Massage
Bamboo De-stress 90-min S$299.60
Green Ocha 60-min S$214.00
Kung Fu Ball 90-min S$299.60
Oriental Chopsticks 60-min S$214.00
Pillow Body 90-min S$299.60
Chimu 60-min S$214.00
Upper Back Care
Upper Back Massage 30-min S$74.90
Upper Back Massage 45-min S$107.00
Upper Back Massage 60-min S$128.40
Bust Therapy    
Bust Care 60-min S$267.50
Bust Drainage 60-min S$267.50
Derma Resurfacer
Micro Eraser 60-min S$299.60
Back Facial 60-min S$267.50
Slimming & Contouring
Lipo B-Trim 60-min S$214.00
Delightful Thalasso 60-min S$214.00
Thermal Trim 60-min S$214.00
Cellu-EX 60-min S$192.60
Electro Sculpturing 80-min S$214.00
Wine Slim 90-min S$267.50
Body Polish
White Flower Detoxifying 30-min S$85.60
Harmony Rosebud Petals 30-min S$85.60
Warm Ginger Herbal 30-min S$85.60
Add-on Treatment
Aventurine Green Gua Sha 15-min S$64.20
Cupping 15-min S$53.50
Hot Pot 20-min S$85.60
Thermal Healing Masque 20-min S$85.60
Navel Candling 30-min S$85.60
Cancellation Policy
Kindly give us as much advance notice as possible should you need to cancel your appointment. A minimum 24-hour cancellation notice is required to help us reschedule your appointment, as well as, to award your slot to other interested guests. Under our cancellation policy, partial or full payment may be imposed at our discretion if advance notice was not adequately given.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment time. As a courtesy to all our guests, please adhere to your appointment time; late appointments may not be honored or may finish early so as to minimise the inconvenience to other guests.